Online Subscription classes (Monthly)

R400,00 / month


The online Subscription classes consist of short and focused live classes, for all levels, online only with recordings provided. They are regular classes, twice a week on:

  • Tuesday mornings: 06h00 to 06h35  SAST (GMT +2)
  • Thursday evenings: 18h00 to 18h45  SAST (GMT +2)


When you sign up for the online subscription classes, you will be billed monthly and will automatically receive access to the weekly classes (live and recorded) via the student portal.

-> If you are Under 27, click Here


-> For those living in Europe, North America and Australia

Please use the PayPal button just below.
The cost will be 40€. Billing will occur monthly via PayPal.
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-> For those living in Africa, Eastern Europe, South America and Asia

Please use the sign-up button below (payment via PayFast).
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To make an arrangement for another form of payment, please email to


When to connect?
Please kindly connect a minimum of 15 minutes before the start of each class so that should you have any issues connecting, we can help you.

What to prepare?

  1. Your equipment
    • 1 yoga mat (not absolutely necessary but helpful)
    • 2 to 3 blankets or towels
    • 1 yoga belt or some kind of rope, cord or belt (for example, a gown belt can be used)
    • 1 chair
    • 2 yoga blocks (you may use some big books/dictionaries)
    • a wall close by
    • anything else you need to manage any conditions you have; if you have knee issues, an extra blanket and a cloth or scarf, that can be rolled up
  2. Your camera, in order for Dize to be able to correct you if needed.
    Please set it up so that your whole body is visible in the frame, both while standing or lying on the mat. You may keep your camera off until the class starts if you prefer and then please switch it on.


  • If you have questions about the class or yoga in general, please feel free to ask Dize at the end of the class or email her directly
  • For any admin or billing queries, please email
  • In case you would have an issue during the online live class, you may physically raise your hand or unmute yourself.

Please read the full Terms and Conditions here.

Payment options

Over 27 years old
Under 27 years old

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R400,00 / month